We are active in the Real Estate market in Murcia since 2006 when we joined the International Franchise RE/MAX and opened our first offices in Molina de Segura.
In 2010 we moved to Sucina – Hacienda Riquelme Golf and worked as partners of the office RE/MAX Alma by Aquavilla Team and having our own rental and sales business Murcia Resort C.B. which is currently called MURCIA ESTATE.
With more than 12 years of experience in the real estate sector in the Murcia area, we remain among the first professionals in this segment, offering Property Sales Services, Long Term Rentals, Holiday Rentals, Property Maintenance, Key Holding Services , Repairs in General, etc.

Currently, Murcia Estate operates through our office in Sucina, providing a wide range of services to investors and owners for all sectors of the real estate segment: retail, offices, industrial, residential, land, investments and valuations, all this in collaboration with specialists from the industry.
We offer professional services such as: architectural services, exterior design services, interior design services, consulting services, assistance in works, all oriented to the preferences and possibilities of the beneficiary.

In the real estate market, we have managed to maintain a stable business and continue to consolidate our team over the years.
If in recent years the real estate market has become obsolete, we can say that we are not operating in a static market and that all the signs of 2018 have revealed potential future growth.
In addition, each area evolves differently, whether in residential, commercial or office spaces.

The Real Estate Consultants of Murcia Estate provide the same personalized attention to all the offers for which they negotiate realistic prices, adapted to the evolution of the current real estate market.

Are you ready to invest in Murcia?
Murcia Estate awaits you with the newest and most tempting Real Estate offers in the Region: houses, villas, residential complexes, apartments in new neighborhoods, new buildings, residential projects, apartments, offices and commercial areas, land for investment, sales halls , new office buildings, etc.


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